Webinar date December 15, 2020 6:00 pm
Password: 949804
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The International Best Practices in Alternative Funding Techniques is a seminar program organized by the Chartered Institute of Educational Practitioners UK (CIEPUK) for all teachers and educational administrators in line with the mandate of improving the standard of education in Nigeria.

Program Courses

  • Artificial Intelligence – Speaker: Prof. Satish (London)
  • Understanding Personality Development in Early Years – Speaker: Amb. Paul (Nigeria)
  • Digital Teaching Techniques – Speaker: Prof. Aitua (USA)
  • Intellectual Merchandising (Sustainable Extra Streams of Income) – Speaker: Dr. Ben (Nigeria)
  • Emotional Intelligence – Speaker: Rev. Sis. Dr. Chika Eze (Nigeria)
  • Developing Teaching Techniques – Speaker: Dr. David (USA)
  • New Trends in Emotional Intelligence – Speaker: Dr. Elvis (Nigeria)

Meet The Keynote Speakers

Prof. Marcel Ezenwoye
President, CIEPUK
African Chapter

Dr. Ben Onwudinjo

Dr. Paul Odenigbo

Dr. Chika Eze

Dr. Elvis Enyioko

Prof. Aitua Ogiamien

Dr. David Carrasco

Prof. Satish Visavadia
Chairman CIEPUK Governing Council